Our Story

Crackshot Corporation was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1995 for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing a shin protective device. The product, at the time, was designed to protect only the shin area.

One of the marketing endeavors was to introduce the product to the market in Memphis, TN. The product was displayed to thousands of people during 4 days in 1995. We asked the people to provide their feedback, the overwhelming response was, “this product should wrap around the entire lower leg and then we could use it for snake protection, as we have a real problem in Memphis area.

Crackshot Corporation personnel returned to Tulsa, modified the design, applied for a patent and named the product Snake Guardz™. Penetration testing to ASTM F1342-05 specifications had already been performed and results were approved on the Shin Guard. The Snake Guardz™ were introduced in 1996 and have enjoyed the widest market acceptance of any snake protection product in the past 78 years.

Snake proof boots and previous gaiters were hot, bulky and heavy. Snake Guardz™ applied the convention cooling theory in their design, enabling this gaiter to be worn comfortably and providing protection to the same height as snake proof boots without the 3-4 lb. weight of the boot.

After being in business for more than 25 years, our fame and reputation is forefront. We are known for our selection of quality snake bite products that are a 100% snake-proof, durable, light-weight, water-repellant, and made in the USA .

Our mission

Crackshot was born from the need to bring an innovative product that would meet the public demands for personal protective equipment. We are committed to providing a comfortable PPE, without compromising anyone’s safety, and all at affordable prices.

With Crackshot Corporation you are not just buying leg protection, you are obtaining the peace of mind of being protected. We are confident our products will stop a snake bite, and have a Product Liability Policy to back us up. Is there another option that guarantees its effectiveness?

#1 Selling Brand of Snake Bite Prevention Gear

Used by the US Border Patrol, FBI, CIA, FEMA, National Forestry and Parks Service, US Wildlife Dept. as well as many large city municipalities, State Agencies and military units.

In Use on 5 continents and 130 countries by thousands and thousands of hunters, hikers, campers, fishermen, utility workers, oil & gas pipeline personnel, oil field workers, surveyors, windfarm employees and prospectors. Snake protection is a necessity for anyone who spends time outdoors in a snake infested environment.