How high up the leg, or high from the ground do Snake Guardz™ protect?
Snake Guardz™ protect the legs to a height 16 ½” from the ground. This is the same or more protection as a snake boot.

After measuring the circumference of my calf, if I am between sizes, what size should I go with, the shorter and smaller size or the next size up?
On Snake Guardz™ you should go to the next larger size.
On Snake Chapz™, Snake Chapz FP™ and Youth Snake Chapz FP™ you should stay with the smaller, shorter size that fits.

Can I wear Snake Guardz™ with shorts?
Yes, all of our products may be worn with shorts, as long as you have heavy duty hiking shoes/work shoes that are 5” or higher.

What is the warranty?
1 Year Limited Warranty – Crackshot Corporation products carry a 1-year limited warranty for defects in workmanship or materials. If within 12 months of purchase, a defect is found in a Crackshot Corporation product which has been subject to normal use, obtain a return authorization (RA) for product evaluation by calling 800-667-1753. Return the product, along with proof of purchase to Crackshot Corporation, 3616 N Columbia Ave., Tulsa, OK. 74110, ATTN: Customer Service. After review, you will be notified via email if your request for replacement is approved, and your product will be shipped within 3 days at our expense.

What is the return policy?
We only accept returns with a Return Authorization (RA). Please contact us before returning any items.

What do I do if I get bitten by a snake?
We have never had a person, wearing our snake protection, bitten in a protected area of their person, however many areas of the individual remain unprotected (arms, hands, etc). If you are bitten in any area:
1. Stay calm.
2. Immediately seek medical attention.
3. Document everything.
4. Notify Crackshot Corporation.

What is the difference between Snake Chapz™ and Snake Chapz FP™?
Snake Chapz™ are snake proof to just below the knee.
Snake Chapz FP™ are snake proof all the way to the top of the product.

Are Snake Chapz™ unisex?
No, they are sized for the male physique.

May I use Snake Guardz™ in the ocean as sting ray protection?
No, they would stop penetration in the covered areas, but the fabric is not designed for salt water and Snake Guardz™ do not protect the back of the foot down to the bottom of the heel which is necessary for protection against sting rays.

Snake Guardz™ wearing instructions indicate that the product is 13 inches tall. Is that enough to protect against a snake strike?
When worn, they protect an area 3 inches to 16 ½ inches from the ground. The hiking shoe protects up to 3 inches. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) keeps records of snake bites and have no record of a snake on the ground striking higher than 12 inches (reference CFR-29 available in your library). When we were demonstrating Snake Guardz™ in McAllen, TX we recorded on video a snake strike at 13 inches. In over 2,000 recorded strikes, this was the only strike above 12 inches.

I bought a pair of Snake Guardz™ and I believe they are both for the left leg. They have a capital “L” sewn into the top. How can I exchange one for the right leg?
The “L” indicates the product is a Large. The wearing instructions distinguish which is left and which is right. The female portion of the buckle is always on the outside of the leg.

Do Snake Guardz™ have a strap to hook under my boot?
Certain models are made with an underfoot strap. Please contact us for pricing if you desire a pair with the underfoot strap.

How can I measure my leg for proper sizing?
Measure the circumference of your calf (distance around) at the largest part of your leg between the knee and the ankle, while wearing the clothing you are going to wear when using the Snake Guardz™.

Is there any boot you recommend for protecting my feet against snake bites?
Yes, we recommend a minimum 5” hiking shoe/boot which must be leather construction. The leather must not be weakened in the metatarsal area from flexing (walking).

I’m 6’3” tall, will Snake Guardz™ provide enough coverage?
You tall guys, especially the 6-foot, 6 inches tall really stress the rattlesnakes as they encounter one of you and think, “gosh, this guy is tall, and I will have to strike higher.” Remember the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has no record. of a snake strike higher than 12 inches, person standing and the snake on the ground. However, we manufacture the Snake Guardz XT™ which are 3” taller. Please contact us for information on where to purchase.

How would Snake Guardz™ protect against a dog bite?
We have had instances of mail carriers wearing Snake Guardz™ to protect them from snake bites in Florida, and we have been informed they also stopped dog bites.

Can I put the Snake Guardz™ in the washing machine?
We recommend hand washing with cold water and using a mild detergent. However, Snake Guardz™ may be machine washed in cold water only, using a mild detergent, on the “delicate” or “hand wash” cycle.

Can I put the Snake Guardz™ in the dryer?


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